Monopoly: AC/DC Collector's Edition Lands In August!

Very few bands have their own Monopoly Collector’s Edition, but it looks like AC/DC is next in line. Parker Brothers recently revealed they will release the Monopoly: AC/DC Collector’s Edition in August.

So how on earth are they going to make an AC/DC Monopoly? Well, first of all the player tokens will be AC/DC themed with a canon, a stack of cash, a lightning bolt, a flaming bell, Angus Young’s schoolboy hat and a bundle of dynamite rounding out the choices. Players will travel around the board buying up AC/DC albums and famous concert locations rather than the standard properties. Instead of buying houses and hotels to upgrade your lots, we’ll buy gold and platinum records.

AC/DC is one of the very select groups to ever get “the fast-dealing property trading game” treatment. They’ll join greats like The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, The Grateful Dead, KISS, The Beatles and Metallica as the only bands to ever grace a Monopoly board.

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