Lemonjuice McGee Joins the Green Lantern Corps!

I am a Green Lantern. Well, according to this custom action figure anyway! Screw reality! I couldn’t hold back the excited laughter that burst forth from my giant grin upon seeing myself in action figure form! Toy customizer Chris “Hunter” Diaz made this masterpiece to match the other Green Lanterns in my DC Universe Classics collection and it fits in perfectly. While I could stammer on about how great I think this toy is, let’s just get into some pics, followed by the epic video that details the production of this custom.

The packaging is re-sealable and the backing board was made by Tony “Vaporman” Grate. It features shots of the figure along with some really nice graphics and my very own bio:

Lemonjuice McGee was just a freelance writer for MTV, but when Hal Jordan and the other Lanterns were captured during a skirmish with Sinestro, Ganthet chose him to become the 5th human to wear an Oan Power Ring to protect Sector 2814. He braved it all: from hordes of Manhunters, to the foul breath of Low, plus deadlines for toy reviews! Lemon helped rescue the other Lanterns, earning a place in the elite Green Lantern Corps’ Honor Guard.

That’s right. I’m a full-on badass! Who knew?!

The figure came with both a masked and unmasked heads, along with a Green Lantern Power Battery. Both heads switch easily, although now I need to find a body for the unmasked version… perhaps the DCUC Question, hmmm. My life is full of hard choices like this!

Watch the Youtube video for the full process on the creation of my childhood dream here.

To check out more of Chris’s customs, or info on a commission, go to Hunter Knight Customs website and prepare your eyes for some one-of-a-kind pieces of plastic awesome!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Green Lantern, custom toy, and vanity project coverage!

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