Review: Masters Of The Universe Classics Megator

We love action figures, Masters of the Universe, and monsters of all shapes and sizes. With that in mind, our hearts skipped a beat when we laid eyes on Megator– the latest large-scale figure from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line. The original Megator figure was only sold in Europe, so for most MOTU fans this will be their first chance to own this monstrosity. How’d we handle getting this review copy in our mitts? By taking him outside and having him battle Vikor, of course! Hey, they look good together… continuity be damned!

An Eternian giant in service to Hordak, Megator led Hordak’s troops in battle during the Great Wars. He was recruited to help bolster the Horde’s ranks after Tytus and several other giants from the Mountains of Perpetua allied themselves with King Grayskull. Megator was killed during the First Ultimate Battleground, caught in the jaws of Central Tower when the Three Towers were enchanted to sink into Sub-Eternia. His remains were discovered millennia later by King Hssss who magically reanimated him into a mindless zombie. He served King Hssss and fought against Hordak and the Masters of the Universe in the Second Ultimate Battleground – once again dying on the battlefield.

First off, let us tell you that Megator is HUGE! He utilizes the same basic body as Tytus, so if you’ve managed to fit that Yellow-haired, Dinosaur-herder on your shelf then Megator can do the same. He clocks in at around 13 inches tall, despite his poor posture. His head is a throwback to the original figure except this time the hair has been sculpted instead of rooted. His hands and feet show off his unkept nails, while his chest harness has the look of leather and is adorned with a symbolic skull in the center. The skulls are also added to his wrist bands. Even with the re-use of the body, Megator has come out looking like a million bucks!

Megator’s paintwork is one of his best features. Megator has been molded in his base colors which help to keep from chipping paint during play, but enough paint apps have been added to make him really stand out. A lighter green has been added to his stomach an dthe insides of his thighs and arms to give him an almost amphibian look to his skin. The paint on his face is cleanly applied and his there is no slop around his eyes. His teeth look appropriately nasty thanks to a paint wash and brown basecoat. The brown and copper color scheme of his bands and armor really compliment the rest of the figure and keep him from having the cartoon-y look of some other Masters figures. With his colors, Megator will fit in with almost any line of fantasy figures.

Like Tytus before him, Megator is sculpted to match the rest of the line, but most of his articulation is a lie worthy of the most devious of Skeletor’s schemes! The big, green warrior features a ball-joint neck (highly hindered by his hair), swivel shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, swivel hips, and hinged knees. Despite his vinyl construction, Megator’s joints are all tight and his arms are strong enough to support toting his massive weaponry.

Megator comes with two accessories. The first is his mace weapon and the second is a secret. That’s right, a SECRET! Oh, it got leaked thanks to a Chinese Ebay auction? Yeah we know, but for the sake of Mattel (and not being spoiler-y), we’re not even going to repeat it here. The mace weapon is pretty badass on its own, though. It’s made up of a plastic grip, real metal chain, and a vinyl spiked ball at the end. It’s by far one of the coolest weapons in the line thus far and it’s a damn shame none of the smaller figures can utilize it after Megator winds up as a corpse on the battlefield.

Megator is definitely an intimidating addition to our MOTUC collection and we’d be crazy not to recommend him to you all. While Tytus left us feeling a little slighted, the villainous nature of Megator gives him a pass in the articulation department. Be sure to check out the Matty Collector website and their official Facebook page for updates on the July 15th sale so you can purchase this hulking monstrosity!

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