10 Geeky Animated Series To Revisit This Weekend With Netflix Instant

Netflix has done a great job adding new content to instant streaming over the past year, especially when it comes to animated series. We know Marvel and DC have made a ton of their TV series available recently, but we’re not talking about those here. Nor are we talking about Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob. We’re more interested in the cartoons we grew up with -- and the classics we can’t help but love.

After browsing through all Netflix had to offer we found a bunch of animated series' we feel should not only be revisited, but celebrated. Head past the break to see what we dug up!


By The Power of Greyskull! Prince Adam (Princess Adora/She-Ra’s twin brother) raises his sword to become the all powerful He-Man and protect the kingdom from Skeletor and his evil cohorts. Netflix has 65 episodes spanning 2 seasons of this classic 1980s cartoon.


He-Man’s twin sister, Princess Adora, disguises herself as the superpowered She-Ra to protect the Crystal Castle and the planet Etheria from the dark sorcerer Hordak in this classic 1980s animated series. Netflix hooks us up with 3 seasons and 68 episodes -- though it looks like afew of the later ones are missing.

Godzilla: the Original Animated Series

While the first Godzilla was the product of an atomic accident, the hatchling it left behind ended up being an agent of good. Netflix Instant has 3 volumes and a total of 15 episodes from this late ‘70s mega-lizard series.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Lion pilots Sven, Keith, Lance, Pidge and Hunk are charged with protecting the beautiful Princess Allura from the evil King Zarkon in this 1980s classic. It looks like Netflix has every episode of this mega-robot series available for streaming. Volumes 1 through 5 are all about the Lions while volumes 6-8 feature the later Vehicle Voltron.

Beavis & Butt-Head

What can I say? It’s Beavis & Butthead, America’s favorite slackers! You’ll find all 40 shorts compiled into 9 full-length episodes on Netflix. There are also 11 music videos with commentary from the animated duo, director’s cut episodes and Beavis & Butthead appearances and interviews.

The Littles

This was one of the more surprising finds in our search of Netflix’s Instant Streaming collection. The Littles is based on John Peterson's children's books in which a young lad named Henry finds the creatures living in the nooks and crannies of his home. As time goes on he befriends them and even ends up taking them on family vacations in his suitcase! You’ll find 29 episodes on Netflix.

The Karate Kid

Daniel LaRusso and his trusted friend and mentor, Mr. Miyagi, travel the globe in search of a stolen shrine in this animated series inspired by the popular movies. Not as many episode as some of the other series' we’ve mentioned (only 1 season), but fun nonetheless!

Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids

Hey, hey, hey! Join Fat Albert, Mushmouth, Weird Harold and the rest of the junkyard gang in this 1970’s animated series inspired by Bill Cosby’s own childhood memories. You’ll find 50 episodes from 2 seasons on Netflix Instant -- plenty to keep you entertained.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures

Whoa, dude! This animated series landed in 1990 and follows Bill S. Preston Esquire, Ted “Theodore” Logan and their cranky guide-through-time, Rufus, on a most excellent adventure. Netflix has 21 episodes spanning 2 seasons, so jump in the phone booth and party on with the Wyld Stallyns!

Dick Tracy

This cartoon came out back in 1961 and it’s as campy as ever. Mel Blanc (who voiced characters like Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig) lends his vocal talents to the fearless yellow-coat-wearin’ detective in this classic animated series. Netflix has 130 shorts condensed into 26 full-length episodes, so hurry up and add it to your queue!

Bonus Round!


This one was just too good to leave out. We really don't know much about BraveStarr, but the story of a space cowboy protecting the planet of New Texas and keeping intergalactic peace on the back of his trusty Technohorse sounds pretty fun to us! Netflix has 39 episodes on Instant Streaming.

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