Rapid-Fire Willpower: Green Lantern Colossal Cannon Review

Thanks to Mattel, we’re one step closer to feeling like full-fledged Green Lanterns! We recently scored a Power ring thanks to the Movie Masters line and now we can shoot any enemies we find (real or imagined) with the Green Lantern Colossal Cannon! Simply slide your arm into the back of this bad boy and start forcing your willpower onto others! Not convinced? Well, here’s our review!

The sculpt on this thing just screams “Toy!” The translucent green construction coupled with the darker plastic additions definitely set the Colossal Cannon up as a ring construct upon first glance. No mistaking this contraption as a real weapon, so if we hear that one of you are gunned down by police while wearing this toy… well, you were obviously being way too annoying. The detailing makes the piece appear to be a robotic hand that is wielding a power ring. It puts us in the mind of Stel, although we’ve yet to see his final movie design.

Not only does this toy feature flashing lights and fully automatic machine gun sounds, but it also has a spinning chamber and can fire disks! Yes, you can go on the full-offensive with the Colossal Cannon as you aggravate your roommate, significant other, or household pet. Upon pulling the trigger a disk fires, the chamber spins and lights and sounds rip from the cannon. If you hold the trigger down, rapid machine gun sounds and a string of flashing lights will illuminate the creepy grin on your face that can only come with a serious case of Gun-lust! We were knocking down figures from our shelves at around 25 feet accurately, but this disks will float a lot farther if you’ve got the space.

We’re normally not accustomed to reviewing these role-play pieces, so we just asked ourselves “Is it a fun toy?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!” We highly recommend picking this thing up for yourself, your kids, or any Green Lantern fan that you might know. This piece of plastic weaponry should be hitting stores as you read this and will retail for around 30 bucks, and be sure to check out Mattel’s Matty Collector website for updates on the Green Lantern toy line.

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