Artist Spotlight: The Comic Book Covers Of Dave Johnson (With Video Interview!)

From his iconic run on 100 Bullets to star turns on Detective Comics, Deadpool and Punisher MAX, Dave Johnson has a style that's all his own. When chatting with us recently at HeroesCon, Johnson -- who lists Mike Mignola, Michael Golden, Jack Kirby, and Jim Steranko as influences -- said this regarding his creative process:

"I feel like my brain is a big pot of gumbo, and I'm adding ingredients all the time and mixing them up."

Take a look at some of the best of Dave Johnson's cover art, and then check out our video interviews with him from HeroesCon!

                            HeroesCon 2011: Dave Johnson Talks Inspiration And Process

                             HeroesCon 2011: Dave Johnson Discusses His 'Deadpool' Covers

                    HeroesCon 2011: Dave Johnson Discusses Working In Mignola's World

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