Check Out These New Marvel Superhero Hoodies!

You will never fly, web-sling or see through walls. I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is. You can, however, look awesome. All you have to do is get one of these spectacular Marvel superhero hoodies from ThinkGeek.

They’ll cost you 50 bucks, but not a single nerd will look as badass as you do. Especially if you buy the black Spidey one -- it’s on the “Top 5 Coolest F**king Hoodies of All Time” list I keep in my head, so you know it’s worth it. There’s a classic Spider-Man version as well, and the perfect hoodie to wear to that Captain America movie you’ve been fantasizing about nightly. More photos after the jump.

The designs go all the way around which is great, BUT I am disappointed about one thing. You’ve surely noticed the eyes/eyeholes on them and I’m sure you’ll be upset when I tell you the zipper does not travel up, onto the hood so you can use it for a mask -- I know, it’s horrible, but if you want a new hoodie you should definitely check these out.

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