Vampire Killer 'Blade' Gets Animated This July

A little secret about me: I love Blade as a character, but am almost exclusively only familiar with him from the three feature films (two great, one terrible), and his brief appearance in Paul Cornell's Captain Britain and MI:6. So my curiosity is piqued a bit when I remember that there's a Blade anime coming from Madhouse Studios, the company behind TV and feature productions as diverse as Ninja Scroll and Paprika. It's joining Wolverine, Iron Man, and X-Men in the quartet of Marvel anime properties produced for and airing on Japan's Aniplex network, and getting a stateside release on G4TV.

I had a chance to see some footage of Wolverine and Iron Man at WonderCon and I can say that the animation of each--done in the fluid, long-limbed style of many of Madhouse's works--looks pretty good but I didn't see enough to have any sort of opinion of the story.

You can check out the teaser-ish trailer for Blade below.

Blade will air July 1st on Animax and will be coming to G4 later this year.

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