Capturing a Clone: Kotobukiya X-23 Fine Art Statue Review

X-23 was introduced less than a decade ago, but has quickly become a fan-favorite through a series of stints in the X books -- in particular, NYX, Uncanny X-Men, and of course X-Force. Her abilities as an assassin are practically unmatched and her cold-hearted ruthlessness surpasses even Wolverine himself. Of course, that guy starts blubbering like a baby every time a redhead bites the dust. Kotobukiya recently immortalized Laura Kinney (23’s civilian name) in 3D and now she joins the myriad of other Marvel characters the company has sculpted in intricate detail. Join us as we take a look at Marvel Comics’ X-23 from Kotobukiya’s X-Force Series of Fine Art Statues.

Sculptor Commentary with Erick Sosa:

“X-23 was a great character to work with and William Valenzuela was instrumental in getting her to look great. I sculpted her body while he did all the suit details. Teamwork really helps when working on such a ferocious yet beautiful character. I enjoyed working on her, so please don’t make her angry – she might hurt you!”

X-Force is the hottest mutant team right now in the Marvel Universe, with the current launch of Uncanny X-Force burning up the shelves everywhere. Teaming up the most vicious and morally flexible heroes, Wolverine leads the ultimate strike force willing to do anything, at any time to protect the world’s mutant population. Appearing first in the television series X-Men: Evolution in 2003, X-23 was later introduced to the Marvel Comics universe. She is no less than a female clone of Wolverine, created to be a deadly weapon and outfitted with adamantium-coated claws in her hands and feet! After discovering her true identity and joining the good guys, Laura has become a key member of X-Force.

Laura’s never looked better than she has in this sculpt. With her muscles flexed and all claws extended, this is definitely a tough-looking statue. The costume details match that of her X-Force costume (although she’s not part of the current roster) including her domino mask. Her hair shows movement, but not a freakish amount like some statues that make us believe Superheroines spend most of their time in gale force winds.

The base for X-23 is supposed to represent a “New York City building rooftop” according to the box and we’re just gonna go with it. It has an obvious bullethole and as all non-New Yorkers know, that place is filled with em! New York City is literally riddled with bulletholes—it’s like downtown Baghdad! There are also claw marks on the base. These are also acceptable since we know that if we had claws, we’d be cutting every friggin’ thing we came across! Seriously though, the detailing is nice and the base has a hefty weight, so no worries about this sucker toppling over and landing on someone’s skull. The bottom features the logo for the X-Force statue line along with the number of said statue.

The paintwork on X-23 is immaculate. Laura’s skintone is even and has a nice shading effect to show off all her P-90X results. The black on her costume and gloves is a glossy black while the gray has a matte finish. The handpainted nature of the piece really shows on X-23’s unmasked head. Her eyes are glaring to her right and her eyebrows are arched in their usual suspicious way. The masked head has a gloss black and gray mask with red eyes, matching the crimson of her X-logo belt buckle. The silver of the claws is clean and basic, although if these had been chrome, they would have made the whole piece “pop” a little more. Granted, bright and shiny things aren’t necessarily covert…

X-23 comes equipped with an extra un-masked head. The two noggins swap easily by way of a magnet, and hold firm. The connection doesn’t scuff the paint, as of yet and once connected, you really can’t tell that her head is removable thanks to the tight fit.

X-23 is a fantastic start to the X-Force Collection and we can’t wait to get our hands on the other members of the team. We’ve heard from a very reliable source that Archangel’s statue will cause your eyes to burst out of their sockets due to his mind-blowing awesomeness! For more info on these and all other Kotobukiya products, be sure to visit

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