Martin Jetpack Breaks Record, Flies For 10 Minutes And Reaches 5,000 Feet! (VIDEO)

Not too long ago we talked about the Martin Jetpack setting a record for its longest flight ever at 7 minutes. There wasn't a live pilot flying it, but it was still a sight to see. Now, as part of their continued testing, they have shattered their own record with a 10-minute flight that reached 5,000 feet!

Apparently, they wanted to test out the jetpack’s emergency parachute, but there was one small problem. They had never taken the jetpack to a high enough altitude for the 'chute to open and bring the jetpack down safely, so they just had to go for it.

Once again Jetson, the weighted dummy, was used in place of an actual human being and they controlled the jetpack remotely. However, because of the altitudes they needed to reach, Martin's men had to control the jetpack from inside a chase helicopter!

The flight went well and the parachute seemed to deploy flawlessly. Though the jetpack ended up taking some damage Martin says if a human pilot were present they “likely” would have been ok. Watch it all go down in the video below!

The Martin Jetpack is a ducted fan-propelled personal aircraft and though we all refer to it as a jetpack, future Rocketeers won‘t have any flames or rockets to worry about. Testing continues for now, but there's no denying Martin Aircraft Company has brought us one step closer to the future of personal flight.

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