Hawkeye Takes Aim At Disney Stores!

Hawkeye, Marvel Comics’ carnie-turned-criminal-turned-hero, is making his way back into action figure form thanks to combined might of Diamond Select Toys and Disney! While we hold our Toy Biz Marvel Legends version close to our hearts, even we have to admit that he was a bit too articulated. Yes, there is such a thing as too much articulation. However, other than the slight scale difference, DST has looked to have perfected Hawkeye in his classic look and we can’t wait to see what’s on tap for the other Avengers in the Disney Store-Exclusive Marvel Select series-- beyond those small pics on the back of Clint's packaging.

This is what the folks at Diamond Select toys had to say:

With all of the Avengers movie madness going on, you would think we’ve forgotten their comic book roots. But fear not! We’re pleased to unveil classic Hawkeye, the first in Diamond Select’s line of Disney Store-exclusive Marvel Select figures! Hawkeye comes with the Wasp (perched on an arrow) and a detailed base featuring the battered remains of Ultron, and will be followed up by classic interpretations of Thor, Captain America and the Black Widow! Hawkeye and Thor hit in August, while Cap and BW will follow in September. More pics to come!

For now, here are some packaged shots of Marvel’s archer extraordinaire. You can clearly see Wasp and the remnants of Ultron as well.

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