Hal Jordan and Sinestro Mez-Itz from Mezco Toyz

In Brightest Day or Blackest Night, these Green Lantern Mez-Itz are ready to put fear into the hearts of any designer vinyl troublemakers that might be lurking on your shelf! However, if these Mez-Itz are going up against some of our full-fledged action figures… well, those big ol’ heads are just gonna be ripe for the beatings! We love ring-slingers around here though, so no worries about physical harm to Hal or Sinestro. Mezco Toyz has managed to keep their Mez-Itz brand up and running for years and have perfected their stylized take on the characters they tackle. Did they keep to the trend with these green-hued cosmic cops? Join us as we take a look at these arch-enemies during their beginning stint as friends and colleagues from the new live action Green Lantern film and find out for yourself!

The figures come packaged in a nice window box. The box has translucent plastic on the front and back, allowing for the figure to be seen from both sides. The packaging itself is black with white lettering placed throughout. It’s very eye catching and seems to be running package for the overall Mez-Itz line with the necessary logos and names switched depending on the property.

Mezco Toyz has made Hal and Sinestro in the same fashion as their other Mez-Itz (Hellboy, DC Superheroes, etc.) and they clock in at a solid 6 inches tall. They utilize the familiar basic sculpt shape with all of the detail and personality being added by the paint applications. This keeps in line with their “Designer Vinyl” designation, and adds to the overall feel of unity with previous releases. The shape of the figures themselves features smooth lines and gives a basic, fun platform with which to craft various characters.

The paintwork is clean and there is little to no fuzzing whatsoever between the different colors. The designs of the costumes borrow from the upcoming film, but have decidedly comic-style shading. Along with the symbols on the uniforms, the faces are very accurate representations of these two Corps members in the DC Comics but with flares from the film added such as the color of Hal’s eyes and Sinestro’s scar. These are a great mix of the two different medium and should appeal to fans of both.

Articulation is what you’d expect from a toy such as this: ball-joint neck, swivel shoulders, and swivel hips. That is surprisingly plenty of movement for these guys, and the ball-joint necks allow for some more expressive poses than we’re capable of with some of our other vinyl toys.

The figures don’t feature any accessories, but that’s no real surprise for toys like this. The rings are painted accurately onto their fingers and that’s all they really need, right? These Mez-Itz are fun figures and will look good amongst your collection, on your desk at work, or (as seen at the Geek! offices) amongst your collection which is ON your desk at work. Check your local retailers for these soon, or head over to Mezco’s official website to learn more about these and the recently announced SDCC-Exclusive full comic versions of these guys!

Check out our video interview with Mezco's Mike Drake on their other DC Mez-Itz at this year's Toy Fair:

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Warner Bros. Green Lantern film hits theaters on June 17th!

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