Behind the Scenes with Lion-O and Mezco Toyz

Remember when we released the exclusive first look at Mezco Toyz' 18” Lion-O figure? Seeing it for the first time was the equivalent of getting hit in the face with a pile of pure cocaine unicorn glitter! Then, we got up close and personal with that red-haired piece of badass plastic at this year’s Toy Fair and were blown away by how good it looked. Now we’re patiently waiting to get one into our grubby, ThunderCats lovin’ mitts!

What we generally don’t stop to think about is the sheer amount of talent and painstaking work that goes on behind the scenes to create something like this. Well, Mezco Toyz has decided to school us by taking us through some of the behind-the-scenes processes of bringing the epic-sized leader of the ThunderCats to the general public!

Mezco Project Manager Damien Glonek compares Thundercats test shots

Mezco Sales Coordinator and Thundercats expert Pierre Kalenzaga checks quality of Lion-O heads

Mezco Director Of Special Projects Mike Drake wonders why none of the Thundercats are made of chocolate

Mezco Thundercats initial sculpt

Mezco’s Thundercats concept art by Michael “Gorilla” Pasquale

Never before seen box art for the Mezco Mega Scale figure

The initial clay sculpt of the head

The initial full body sculpt

Addition head sculpts

Also check out our interview with Mike Drake at the 2011 Toy Fair:

Lion-O, with his Sword of Omens held high, is available for preorder at:

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