Woodsy's World of Star Wars: Reminiscing About The 34th Anniversary of Star Wars Yesterday!! A Star Wars GIF!!

Well, hello there Star Wars fans!! Yesterday in NYC was a beautiful day -- the sun was shining, i got sushi delivered for lunch, and I was full of excitement to go see Jimmy Fallon's book signing at Barnes and Noble for his new book Thank You Notes. And then, as if it couldn't get any better, I suddenly realized it was May 25th -- the 34th anniversary of the release of Star Wars!!! The day, if you were alive then, that changed the rest of our lives!!

First off, here's a gratuitous photo of Jimmy Fallon, mostly because he's SOFA KING HOT!!!

So yes, UHEM, I was alive when Star Wars first blasted in to our galaxy. I was 8, I was into The Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman, and dragged my best friend Holly Hobbie with me everywhere. Mom and Dad had already seen Star Wars and raved about it. I wasn't sold. I wasn't quite a sci-fi fan, I still watched Saturday morning cartoons, and quite frankly, Star Wars sounded too much like a grown up film -- aka BORING.

I remember Dad driving us by the Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood where Star Wars premiered. There were busloads of people, crowds, lines, it was crazy!

So a couple of months later when the hype of Star Wars had finally started to dwindle, my dad took my sister and me to Ventura, just north of Los Angeles. It was one of the only towns still playing Star Wars in the LA area. I vaguely remember going kicking and screaming most of the way, my dad telling us over and over how much we'd love it.

I remember sitting in the not-so-crowded theatre with our jug of popcorn when John Williams' music came on. From the beginning to the ending credits, my sister and I were on the edge of our seats, entranced by the Force!!

Han, Luke, Leia!!! Darth Vader was so scary, and why did a robot have a British accent? I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND!! But we loved it, we were filled with excitement! Mom took me to Mervyn's soon after and that is where I bought my first set of Star Wars sheets, pajamas, lunch box, tins, and trading cards. The beginning of Woodsy's infatuation with all things Star Wars.

And in honor of the anniversary of this joyeous day, I have persuaded Mr. GIF to make another Star Wars GIF!

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