New Comics I'm Excited About! For May 25th: Strange Adventures, Lucid, and more!

The name of this new weekly column is "New Comics I'm Excited About!" because I just don't blog about comic books...I'm also a fan and go to the comic shop every week to pick up my stack.

Let's look at my pull list for this week...


I chose Strange Adventures from Vertigo as my pick of the week not just because of the content, but the fact that I'd really like to see more anthologies like this and Dark Horse Presents on the stands. These books often serve not only as forums for familiar creators to let loose and try something new (Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso's "Spaceman"), but edgy indie talents who deserve more exposure to get their work out there (Kevin Colden's “Postmodern Prometheus”). Books like Strange Adventures are the cauldrons from which we might all get those exciting new concepts, characters and talent fans are always requesting instead of the "same-old, same-old" -- too bad it's only a one-shot, and here's hoping DC puts out more of the same in the future.

Mages and Crazy Cult-Leader Astronauts, Oh My!

If you like your comic book fiction heavy on esotetic themes in the vein of Alan Moore's Promethea, the Lucid Hardcover Collected Edition from Archaia Press is for you. Simply put, writer (and "True Blood" actor) Michael McMillian knows his s**t when it comes to this kooky magic/conspiracy theory subject matter, and together with artist Anna Wieszczyk creates an intriging and multi-dimensional (literally) universe.

Duck Tales Whoo-Hoo!

I think if BOOM!'s Ducktales #1 can, along with Darkwing Duck, jumpstart a new retro-renaissance for the much-beloved Disney Afternoon, that would be very very awesome. How 'bout Gummi Bears next?

The Magnificent Five

I missed the first couple of issues of Marvel's 5 Ronin miniseries, and quickly fell victim to "wait for the collected edition."  Well, you shouldn't be like me, and instead be more dilligent with your weekly purchases -- but if you are like me, here's your opportunity to buy the 5 Ronin Hardcover Edition, complete with art from such talents as Tomm Coker, Laurence Campbell, Gorlan Parlov, and John Cassaday.

In The Beginning, There Was Kirby

I'm a big fan of Jack Kirby's lesser known indy characters, such as Silver Star and the ones from those Topps Comics he created, so I'm just really interested to see how Kirby: Genesis by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross turns out.

Oh Yes I Will

DC Comics Presents: Green Lantern Willworld, to me, justifies the whole "DC Presents" reprint program, and the whimsical tale by J.M. DeMatteis and the late Seth Fisher is a steal at $7.99.

Hyde and Seek

Dark Horse's The Strange Case Of Mr. Hyde is just a solid, well-drawn comic that would look right at home in a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen universe. Definitely a must-buy every month.

Four Number Four

I don't pick up a huge amount of regular monthly series, but FF is a solidly-written science-fiction narrative that has really brought me back into the Fantastic Four fold. FF #4 is out today.

Another New York Hero

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are a solid storytelling combination -- and from what I've seen so far of the Image one-shot The Tattered Man about the spirit of vengeance spawned in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany and onto the streets of present-day NYC, I'm intrigued.

One For The Media Nerds Like Me

Allow me to nerd out on NPR's Brooke Gladstone and artist Josh Neufeld's new graphic novel from W.W. Norton: The Influencing Machine: Blooke Gladstone On The Media looks like, from what I've seen so far, the Understanding Comics of the media junkie set.

Also On My List:

A Whole Bunch of "War Of The Green Lanterns" tie-ins

Kannagi Vol. 1 from Bandai Entertainment

Doc Macabre Hardcover from IDW: it kinda has that good old 1970s "Creepy" look I like

Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker from Image is another of those titles that I sorta decided by default to wait for the trade to read, and I'm really kicking myself now

Amazing Spider-Man #662: another on my pull-list, though I usually wait for several to pile up and then I read them in a chunk

Simpsons Summer Shindig #5: Always a guaranteed guffaw or three

Crossed 3D Vol. 1: If I have the stomach for it.

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