Steampunk Stormtrooper Riding Mask: A New Level Of Geek Badassery

Last week we showed you a bunch of geek-inspired custom motorcycle helmets. This time we’ve stumbled upon the coolest motorcycle face mask ever created. It’s made completely of leather and looks exactly like the lower portion of a Stormtrooper helmet -- the level of badassery is simply unmatched.

The $200 version you see in the photos definitely has more of a steampunk feel to it. However, the leather mastermind behind this Star Wars/biker mash-up (EpicLeather on Etsy) says he can make them in white if you want to ride in true Stormtrooper fashion. In fact, there are a ton of different color options available -- he‘ll even make a green one if you ask nicely! Head past the break for more info and some nice big photos!

Each riding mask is hand-crafted using 8 or 9oz Veg Tan Leather and sports black leather behind the grills to finish off the look. The inside of the mask features soft suede wrapped around a foam pad to make it more comfortable on your face and, it comes equipped with an adjustable strap and buckle to fit anyone who wants to looks this awesome when they ride.

Keep in mind a face mask will not replace your DOT-certified helmet. These masks are meant to look cool and while they will block the wind during your ride, they will not provide any protection while you're sliding face-first across the pavement.

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