Flying RC Superhero Will Confuse Your Neighbors!

Anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to fly an RC plane or helicopter needs to go do it right now. It may sound a little nerdy (which is why you’re here, isn’t it?) but we assure you it is a blast. If planes aren’t your thing then you should check out They sell plans for 75” and 57” flying RC superheroes and they’re awesome to say the least.

The RC Superhero will probably be the closest you ever get to flying around like Superman and it’s sure to puzzle the neighbors for a few minutes. Putting one of these bad boys together may not be for everyone but that’s the only way they come. You can buy a set of plans for about 20 bucks or go all-out and buy a whole kit right from their website for just under $300.

Check out a video after the break to watch this thing make a vertical take-off just like your favorite airborne superhero. Then, head over to and order up a set of plans to get started.

We’ve seen photos of people painting them up like Iron Man and they look great. What character would you want your RC Superhero to look like? Hit the comments and let us know!

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