Amazons and Aliens: DC Action League Series 3 Review

Welcome back to another toy review here on MTV Geek! Instead of one figure, we’re going to be taking a quick look at an entire wave of action figures – Series 3 of Mattel’s DC Action League toys! The Action League figures are small, stylized representations of the characters from DC Comics’ huge library of heroes and villains and while small in stature, are still huge on personality. This series sees the addition of the first female hero in the line, along with the most round. Yes, round. Also, with a movie on the way, the Green Lantern Corps have managed to weasel their way into all the waves so far, this 3rd series not being an exception. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the latest two-packs of heroes and villains to make their way onto the pegs!

Yes, this is the exact same Superman that we reviewed in Series 1 of the Action League figures. However, the Wonder Woman is brand spankin’ new and is the first female in the lineup so having to get another Man of Steel is inevitable if you want to add the Amazon warrior to your ranks. Wonder Woman lacks the swivel waist due to her sculpt not being large enough to support one. The shoulder and neck articulation are still there, though.

Batman vs Deathstroke

Deathstroke may be the perfect soldier, but he is no match for Batman’s martial arts prowess.

This is a repaint of Series 2’s Batman in his Tim Burton-style costume. Unlike other figures in the line, Batman features swivel/hinge shoulders! Deathstroke is nine kinds of awesome and plays up the weaponry included with his DC Universe Classics figure. We’d have loved to see a maskless variant of this toy, cause eyepatches always make our day better.

Hal Jordan & Saint Walker

Saint Walker gives Hal Jordan his blue power ring to defeat Atrocitus.

This is the same Hal as we reviewed in series 1, but with a new paint job and an added accessory. He’s wearing both a green AND a blue power ring, and his costume reflects that. On his left hand is a translucent ring construct fist that can be removed and fits nicely on any characters utilizing this same hand sculpt. Saint Walker has been squashed down into Action League size, but still maintains his slender look from the comics… except when it comes to those massive feet and hands!

Kilowog vs Zilius Zox

Kilowog is transporting Sinestro to Korugar when he is brutally ambushed by Zilius Zox.

This pack is a lesson in odd shapes. Kilowog towers over the other figures in the line with his hulking size. Due to his head and neck sculpt, there is no articulation present except in his shoulders and waist. Zilius Zox on the other hand, is a ball. A ball of pure, unadulterated rage that is! He is by far our favorite figure in the wave, simply because he look so friggin’ crazy! He actually moves at both of his shoulders, which helps to position his stubby arms in a way to balance him from toppling over onto those big teeth of his. Fantastic!

Once again, Mattel has continued the great style of the DC Action League line, albeit with a couple of repaints and one straight re-package. Still if it means we’ll keep getting gems like the Zilius Zox figure, then we’ll gladly collect a million flying Supermen! Check your local retailers, and favorite internet shops for this series, which should be hitting right about… now!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your DC Action League coverage and updates!

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