Crazy Cat Lady: MOTUC Catra Review

Welcome back to our continuing reviews of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line of figures! Today’s review puts the spotlight on Catra, the latest offering on the Matty Collector website, and a key addition to the Princess of Power lineup! Catra’s real name is C’yra of D’Riluth III, and while that seems incredibly complicated, it’s much better than her being named Christy or Catrallina or whatever else these bios generally stick with. Speaking of bios, they’ve been better as of late and Catra benefits from that. Here’s the bio for this “Jealous Beauty”:

A disputed monarch from the Tri Star System, C’yra joined the Horde Empire and was given a magical mask which granted her secret powers such as the ability to transform into a panther. She traveled with horde Commander Kur to Eternia on his mission to ensure He-Ro was destroyed. There, along with the rest of the Horde army, she was caught up in the Great Wars and eventually banished to Despondos by King Grayskull. She remained with her leader throughout their banishment and was eventually promoted to Force Captain after Hordak’s step-daughter betrayed the Horde to the Etherian Rebellion. Catra’s jealousy of She-Ra has become her greatest weakness.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that, along with Prince Adam’s smiling visage, Catra has the best facial sculpt in the line thus far! The shapes of her eyes along with her pursed lips give her the perfect look of annoyance and disdain that sums up her character to a tee. The Four Horsemen have really outdone themselves with this ferocious femme fatale, and that’s just her face! From her flowing locks of raven-hued hair, to her Horde-emblazoned dress, Catra looks exactly as she should. Her outfit and cape are both separate pieces and are made from an extremely pliable rubber. Even without being attached, the cloak still holds its position well for the most part. However, if you turn her head then her hair tends to pull the cape and collar to the side, making it appear not as picturesque. She shares her base body with that of her rival, She-Ra; but features are open left hand for looking menacing and/or clawing Bow’s mustache off!

The paintwork on Catra is also really well done. Her face has very tight paint apps on her eyebrows, eyes (including mascara), and her glossy lips. Her hair appears basic black, but is in fact highlighted with a dark blue. Her skin is molded in the correct color and then has had a darker shade airbrushed on to add depth to the sculpt and to bring out the details. Her bracers and boots are a very glossy red while her cloak and dress utilize matte finishes. The Horde emblem on her chest, along with her belt, has a hint of metallic flake in their paint as well. Our Catra figure had no paint error anywhere on the figure. Hell, even her fingernails have been perfectly manicured! We feel odd not having any complaints in this area… we’ll blame it on her evil magics!

Catra’s articulation is familiar to fans of MOTUC, and also works really well. Catra features a ball-joint neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, hinged elbow, swivel wrists, hinged torso, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, swivel boot tops, and dual hinged “rocker” ankles. She poses well and it really only restricted somewhat by her massive piles of hair that flow down her back. Her skirt is such a soft material that getting into deep stances (for fighting, get your mind out of the gutter!) are no problem at all. Her ankles, as of this writing, are also tight and there’s no worry of her taking a nosedive off our shelf.

Accessories are plentiful with Catra. They are also very blatant nods to the vintage figure’s various gimmicky add-ons. First up we’ve got the whip. This much-used weapon from the Filmation series has been “comb”ined by the Four Horsemen with her vintage brush. Unlike She-Ra’s axe, this is a little more noticeable and while adding a sense of ridiculousness to it, still manages to fit in the MOTUC line. Her sword is a combination of a bladed weapon, and a bubble wand, and makes outdoor playtime way more dangerous! Like her shield (that clips on her wrist really well), the sword has a translucent crystal placed in the center. Her two masks round out the accessories. She has both the vintage and Filmation-style version and both can be placed on her forehead or over her face, though the red one seems to fit and look a lot better. Our only gripe on this front is with the sword. It is way too soft and the blade warps easily due to that. For the most part though, we’re giving her the whip anyway.

All in all, Catra is truly a great addition to the Masters of the Universe Classics lineup. Not only is she another much needed female character, but she’s also a badass and you can never have too many of those. With our other figures, she’ll be posed with Grizzlor – laying a horrendous beating on Bow, just as it should be! You can snatch up Catra for yourselves when she goes on sale May 16th at noon eastern time only on!

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