Iron Man, Optimus Prime & Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmets!

Youngsters shouldn’t be the only ones having fun with Iron Man and Optimus Prime helmets. Thankfully, YouTuber Tigerpause444 seems to feel the same way. He’s taken a bunch of motorcycle helmets and turned them into awesome geek-themed headgear!

He's turned Iron Man, War Machine, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Darth Vader and Master Chief helmets into full-fledged motorcycle helmets! Some of the masks and helmets came with lights and voice changers and Tigerpause444 made sure to include them them in some of his one-off creations. Cruising through town on your hog is already a great way to spend the day, just imagine if you could do it with a Master Chief helmet on!

There are images of all six helmets after the break and we also snagged a video showing off the custom Iron Man helmet. If you want to get a breakdown of each helmet head over to Tigerpause444’s YouTube page!

Keep in mind the DOT has strict standards in regards to motorcycle helmets. Modifying them in any way could leave the helmet unfit for saving your brain.

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