Amazing Spider-Questions With Steve Wacker: Spidey and the FF, Carlie's Bad Tattoo, and Spider-Island!

Once again, we’re checking in with uber-busy Spider-Man Editor Steve Wacker, this time about the recent issue #659 of Amazing Spider-Man. The first of a two part team-up with the FF (though since Spider-Man is on the team, is it technically a team-up? Darnit, I should have asked that!), Spidey and company end up battling the Sinister Six, Parker’s girlfriend makes a bad decision, and we got our first look at Spider-Island:

MTV Geek: Okay, first off, in this issue we get plot by Dan Slott, and dialogue by Fred Van Lente… I know Dan works “Marvel Style” sometimes, is that what happened here? And to stave off panicked rumors, I’m guessing this is to give Dan a little time to get ahead of the game, right?

Steve Wacker: Yes. Spider-Island is coming up and it’s quite a big undertaking, so as we ramp up to it Fred and Chris Gage are going to stop in and help Dan lay some groundwork over the next few months. Never fear though, Dan’s not going anywhere.

Geek: This issue, we’re picking up plot threads left from Fantastic Four #5. What’s it like to be old?

SW: It sucks. I never even know when I’m peeing anymore.

Geek: Seriously though folks, let’s talk a little bit about Spidey’s place in the FF… He’s not just filling the Human Torch’s joker shoes; can you talk about his developing place in the FF team dynamic?

SW: Spidey’s always fit in comfortably with the FF. He pals well against all the members…which is a testament to the strength of all the characters. We won’t be dealing with the FF each issue beyond this story, but I’m looking forward to some of the stuff Hickman and Epting have planned with Spidey in FF.

Geek: To talk about the art a bit, there's an interesting visual motif used in this issue for the flashbacks. We’ve previously seen actual frames from older comics used, but this was a little different. Can you talk about the choice here?

SW: This was all Dan. He’s quite a proponent of showcasing the entire breadth of Spidey’s history. I tend to like it too, so we’re always looking for new ways to showcase classic Spidey moments without overwhelming the ongoing drama.

Geek: And then there’s Carlie’s drunken tattoo… Uhoh, or biggest uhoh ever?

SW: As you can see in 660, it seems to have worked out all right… for now. As for what it means for Carlie, I sort of like her as a nerd version of Snooki. (It’s a good description of Assistant Editor Ellie Pyle as well).

Geek: Moving on to the Infested two pagers… Miles Warren is back! Or perhaps another clone. I’m not going to ask for an answer on that (cause I know you won’t give ‘em), but between this and Marc Guggenheim’s Clone Saga sequel, it almost feels like you’re poking a hive full of Internet honeybees with a stick. What’s the big idea, fella?

SW: In his guise as the Spidey villain the Jackal, Miles Warren is the driving force behind Spider-Island. What we’re going to do is reintroduce him as clearly and simply as we can without getting too lost in the trees of the original Clone Saga.

There will be a one-shot bringing new readers up to speed on the character, but if you’re just reading Amazing, you’ll have everything you need to know.

Geek: Last question: I’m gonna take a sideways leap for a second to talk about Osborn, which just wrapped up (and was excellent). With Normie back in jail awaiting trial, Miles Warren back, and previously, Osborn being behind Warren in the Clone Saga… Are we going to see these threads crash together at all?

SW: Osborn by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Emma Rios and Jose Villarubia was one of my favorite books I’ve ever worked on. For five months, I think it was probably the smartest writing in super hero comics and everyone involved should be proud. As to future plans for Osborn, that’s probably up to Brevoort and Bendis over in Avengers.

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