Flashpoint Teaser: It's The DC Universe As You've Never Seen It Before!

We're pleased to show you a teaser image for the DC Comics event of the year, Flashpoint. What's turned the DCU seemingly upside-down?

  • Batman's gone all crazy with glowing red eyes (that's a never good sign)!
  • What's up with Paris going underwater?
  • Wonder Woman as some sort of armored "Xena Warrior" type chick?
  • Who majorly kicked the Flash's butt?
  • It looks like a new Green Lantern...
  • And finally, who is that creepy baby and what does it have to do with all this?!

Perhaps our interview below with Flashpoint writer Geoff Johns can shed some light on things...in the meantime, Flashpoint #1 hits stands today, so check it out!

                                   WonderCon 2011: Geoff Johns Teases Flashpoint

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