Bandai Unleashes New ThunderCats Toy Images!

The drought is finally over! Today we’re bringing you a ton of new images for Bandai’s upcoming ThunderCats toy line. We covered a lot of these at Toy Fair this year, but getting the new images is always welcome and helps to keep us salivating for their release. However, there are a number of new additions below as well, and we’ll talk about those below their respective photos.

You wanna see a clear lion-O figure, right? Of course you do, so read on!

The ALL NEW re-imagined ThunderCats animated series premieres this July on Cartoon Network. The new toy line, which debuted at Toy Fair 2011, features 4” figures of all the most popular ThunderCats heroes and villains, each in their own environment, which help to recreate EPIC scenes from the new animated series. Each 4” figure comes with a weapon and/or accessory that is unique to the character. Also included is the exclusive ThunderLynx embedded magnet activation system that allows the figure to interact with, and activate unique features in, multiple ThunderCats products, including the Deluxe ThunderTank. In addition to the figures and the ThunderTank, kids and fans will also have the opportunity to purchase the Deluxe Sword of Omens, which features an extendable blade and custom lights and sounds.

This is the wearable Claw Shield with the basic Sword of Omens holstered within, just like Lion-O does it!

This is the basic Sword of Omens. It's cost effective and ready to slice it's way through Mumm-Ra's hordes! Like the Claw Shield, it's on the smaller side, but is the perfect size for any pint-sized warriors in your life.

That's the Lizard Tank with (appropriately enough) Lizard. These guys are the enemy troops, so getting a couple of these will help you army build a tough force for Lion-O and his warriors to cut through like butter -- and we all know Cats love licking the butter!

The Deluxe Sword of Omens is a lot larger than the basic edition and features an extending blade and guard, along with a sweet light up hilt. Bring on the Sight Beyond Sight!

This version of Lion-O comes with a Thunder Racer vehicle that can attach to the side of the ThunderTank. Lion-O's racer is outfitted with a launching drill/missile accessory.

Here's something we didn't see at Toy Fair: Tigra's Thunder racer vehicle! Like Lion-O, Tigra is sans armor and looks ready to pilot this ThunderTank sidecar directly into enemy forces! The attachment is a laser cannon that actually lights up.

Ah, the Thundertank! Originally, we weren't as excited for the 4" line as we were for the larger collector-focused figures, but these vehicles just rock so friggin' hard! The coolest part is that Lion-O and Tigra's Thunder Racers can be attached to each side of the Tank to construct the version seen in the new animated series!

Last but not least, we have the Tower of Omens! Not only is it jammed packed with accessories; but now we know it also comes equipped with a translucent Lion-O figure! Also, these pics show some of the action features involved in the Tower's playability. The days of immense playsets haven't been seen since the glory days of G.I. Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and we're hoping that ThunderCats can start bringing some of that back to the forefront.

Check out our ThunderCtas video coverage from The 2011 American International Toy Fair:

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