Video Interview: Welcome to 'Emitown' With Emi Lenox

Emi Lenox’s sketch diary, Emitown sounds like the perfect challenge for an artist looking to hone their craft: religiously create a piece of artwork every day. And, if you’re so inclined as Ms. Lenox was, don’t be afraid to delve into a bit of autobiography—in her case, a one year chronicle beginning in 2009 of her days and nights in Portland, Oregon.

From the solicitation:

From the whimsical to the tragic, Emi Lenox brings you into her world with superb cartooning, a brilliant cast of characters, and an innocent perspective often left on the cutting room floor of other diary comics. With a broad range of styles, everyday is an adventure from the morning breakfast burrito to metaphoric tales of superheroes and battlefields of love.

Emi proves that life is never dull in her first annual collection of EmiTown! Based out of her hometown, Portland, Oregon, Emi has spent the last year doodling everyday in her diary sketchbook and taking on internships within the comics community.

Emitown started not as a book to be published. It was started as a private book for myself,” explains Lenox. The Image Comics release is a collection of anecdotes and sketches from the period. She was hesitant to make public so much of her life and consequently protected the innocent as it were by burying some things under a layer of metaphor.

Nonetheless, Lenox warns that some of the content she created during that time will likely never see the light of day. She does feel that her maturation as an artist has allowed her to be more open in her work, and that future volumes of Emitown will perhaps see more personal content included. Lenox appreciates this level of openness in other autobiographical comics and feels that seeing feelings of loss and emotion in the works of others can perhaps make the reader feel less alone.

Emitown is on shelves now. For more of MTV Geek’s interview with Emi Lenox, check out our video page.