Video Interview: Artist Camilla d'Errico 'Helmetgirls: Origins'

For artist Camilla d’Errico, her “Helmetgirls” series of illustrations represent a kind of signature style for her. You may have seen them: cutesy girls with bright, wide eyes, wearing elaborate headgear. These helmets vary wildly: from baroque mechanical constructs towering several feet above the heads of the characters to birdcages to elaborate nests and animals perched atop the heads of d’Errico’s girls. They’ve adorned prints, bags, shirts, postcards, cameos, laptop sleeves and pretty much any other printable surface you can think of.

The characters have become such a compulsion for the artist that she’s teamed up with writer Joshua Dysart (BPRD: 1946, Unknown Soldier) to give them backstory in their upcoming work, Helmetgirls: Origins.

The Helmet Girls have, up until this point, been purely visual works for d’Errico—“Each character is kind of her own story,” she explains. But this project with Dysart is an attempt to respond to public demand for story to accompany the art. Helmetgirls: Origins focuses on one girl in particular, Pia, and the very special helmet she finds in a post apocalyptic, steam punk wasteland.

This is actually the artists second collaboration with Dysart: the duo worked together back in 2007 on Make 5 Wishes, which was published through Del Rey.

And although d’Errico has had several collaborators in the past, the illustration work she’s most associated with—besides her Helmet Girls”—is Tanpopo. d’Errico both draws and writes the series, featuring the title character who is:

A superhumanly intelligent, inhumanly emotionless, mysteriously beautiful girl struggling between heart and mind. Torn and confused, she makes a pact with Kuro, who agrees to release her from the machine that has been her only existence, and to be her companion as she seeks out love, happiness, and the meaning of emotions.

There’s no release date or publisher yet for Helmetgirls: Origins, but we’ll be on the lookout for more information as it develops.

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