Surviving the Game: G.I. Joe POC Shadow Tracker Review

If you like G.I. Joe reviews, then you’re in luck because we’ve been buying the hell outta them lately. Hasbro has been really bringing their A-team A-game to the table, and today we’re taking a closer look at the Pursuit of Cobra Shadow Tracker figure! Shadow Tracker is like a devilishly inbred mixture of the Predator and Ice-T from Surviving the Game. If you’re not a fan of either of those films, then perhaps some of this guy’s sheer apocalyptic-level badassery will be lost on you. Either way, let’s get into the review!

Shadow Tracker works for Cobra as a wilderness hunter and guide. Scorning conventional firearms, he uses traditional weapons from around the world. He tracks his prey using primal instinct: he hears the dark whispers of the jungle, senses distant footfalls in the earth, and tastes his victim’s fear in the wind. When Skydive lands in the jungle, Shadow Tracker instantly knows – and starts the hunt.

The sculpt for Shadow Tracker is predominantly all-new. As fans of the POC line are aware, the designers have been paying homage to some of their favorite films in the line, and Shadow Tracker joins Duke, Spirit, and Recondo in their Joe-version of Predator! From his dual-layered dreadlocks to his ominous mask, everything about this guy just screams “unrelenting hunter of men” – tiny 3 ¾ inch men, that is! His translucent goalie mask is permanently attached to his face, so only a little glimpse of the apparently lipless face can be seen. His vest is outfitted with magazine pouches across the lower front and upper back while a knife sheath is attached to his loser back for easy access. His pants are appropriately wrinkled and creased to simulate cloth, while his footwear is a sleek shoe with an odd pattern on the sole very much like the lead characters wear in the film “The Hunted”.

Paint-wise, Shadow Tracker is nicely done and a little odd. Odd, not in the way that he sports neon yellow highlights; but odd in the sense that they look so damn good! A lot of the figure are molded in the correct colors, but the camo pattern on his pants and the Cobra tattoo on his left bicep have been applied cleanly. The black and yellow vest, coupled with the green pants make for an odd combination, but one that works to Shadow Tracker’s advantage in setting himself apart from the other rank and file Cobra specialists.

Shadow Tracker’s articulation is on par with the best of the Joe line to date. His ball-joint neck is present, but is hindered more by the collar on his vest than his plethora of dreads. Other than that, he moves really well thanks to his swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows (that are cut high enough to allow a wider range of movement than most), swivel/hinge wrists, ball-joint torso, ball-joint hips (the familiar Joe metal barbell), double hinged knees, and swivel/hinge ankles. None of the joints on the figure we picked up have any issues with looseness or sticking, which really adds to the enjoyment of posing this toy instead of doing actual work.

Shadow Tracker comes packaged with a crapload of accessories. Sure, there’s no proper way to quantify that measurement, but trust us on this one. The only piece mentioned on the package is his “Darktrap reinforced escape-proof capture net” but that is just a small piece of his overall arsenal. Other than the net, Shadow Tracker has: a compound bow, a quiver with a removable arrow, a small knife (that fits in the sheath on his lower back), a straight-bladed knife (that attaches to his left leg), a machete, two varying crescent shaped blades, a spear, a bola, and the ever-present figure stand. No firearms for this purist! Sadly, there are way too many weapons for Shadow Tracker to stow them all at once. Happily, there are way too many weapons for shadow Tracker to stow them all at once. That’s right, it’s both good AND bad!

This figure has quickly risen in the ranks of our favorite Joe figures. Hasbro’s design team have really managed to show that they are just as capable of creating new and interesting characters as they are in designing the 1000th Snake Eyes figure. You can hunt Shadow Tracker down at most major retailers and!

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