Ultimate Comics Reborn: Jonathan Hickman and Rafa Sandoval on 'Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye'

In addition to tackling the relaunch of Ultimate Comics: Ultimates, this August writer Jonathan Hickman will also be writing a 4-issue miniseries featuring the Ultimate universe version of Hawkeye, with Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye. Hickman will be joined by artist Rafa Sandoval (Avengers: The Initative, Ultimate Doom) to tell a story about the mysterious Ultimate Universe marksman which--much like the other "Ultimate Comics Reborn" titles--will have ramifications for the wider line.

Hickman had a few things to say about the new mini and Marvel also provided MTV Geek with this Ultimate Hawkeye #1 cover by Adam Kubert:

... and this one by Neal Adams:

  • It will be a 4-issue mini occurring consecutively with Ultimates 1-4, with all the events of the two books leading to a big event defining the direction of the Ultimate universe.

  • The book is planned as not only part of the new Ultimates rollout, but a reintroduction to Ultimate Hawkeye.

  • For Hickman, the appeal of the character is military background and longtime SHIELD affiliation.

  • The series will delve into some of the mysterious character's origins, with a story starting off thanks to an incident at a Southeast Asian Triskelion base.

  • Hickman explains that this series will have as much connection with Nick Spencer's Ultimate X-Men relaunch as it will for Ultimates.

  • Sandoval, who's just coming off of Ultimate Doom, is a fit for the project, Hickman says, becase the artist gets the character.

  • Hickman says that upending elements of Hawkeye's life will allow him to possibly move past the death of his family which occurred during Ultimates 2.

  • The character will also get a new look which is somewhat similar to the costume created by Bryan Hitch in Ultimates 1.

Ultimate Hawkeye #1 will be on shelves in August.

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