Pool and Soccer Had A Baby, Budweiser Named It Poolball!

Soccer and nightlife don’t really mix too well and Budweiser feels so strongly about it they’ve invented a new sport called Poolball. Yes, I said Budweiser invented a sport. I know it’s not what you thought you’d be reading about today but you are. You’re welcome.

The new sport/game plays just like your standard game of 8-ball pool with a few major differences -- you use your feet to strike the cue ball, the table is 7 meters long, and the balls are miniature soccer balls colored up as the classic stripes and solids you see in the bar. Also, the pockets now have nets around them to handle the larger objects and rather than standing at the side of the table you will stand on top of it, like you would a soccer field.

Apparently ESPN and Fox Sports covered the tour around Buenos Aires pubs and bars. This is the real deal and I guarantee you will want a chance on the field/table just as much as we do once you see those first few goals made. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be seeing any Poolball tables in the States anytime soon.

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