Game Preview: Unboxing the Dungeons and Dragons Shadowfell Campaign

Get ready, Dungeons & Dragons players, for the release of a new campaign setting: The Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond. Arriving in store May 17th for $39.95, the boxed campaign will include a 128-page booklet presenting the fully-detailed city of Gloomwrought, a 32-page encounter booklet, die-cut monster and villain tokens, a foldout battle map, and one 30-card Despair Deck.

The release of Shadowfell is timed to coincide with the next season of D&D Encounters, Dark Legacy of Evard, beginning May 11th.  The key word in that Encounters campaign's name is "dark," as the games will focus on the deadly secrets of shadow magic, with what promisses to be a cast of edgier characters. From the Shadowfell box, DMs will be encouraged to use the despair deck in these Encounters sessions to add new twists and turns. A more detailed preview of the storyline for Dark Legacy of Evard is available on the D&D Encounters website.

We received an early copy of the Shadowfell campaign box here at MTV Geek, so here are a few photos of what is in store for players: