Check Out This 'Alice In Wonderland' Themed Restaurant!

Ever wished you take that hot date on trip to Wonderland? You know, the place with those crazies that Alice got sucked into? Well if you happen to be in Tokyo any time soon you can. That’s right; Alice of Magic World is an Alice In Wonderland-themed restaurant full things straight out of the Lewis Carroll classic.

Playing card dining tables, a magic forest and heart-shaped chandeliers make this place the trip you’re looking for, without the need for those troublesome hallucinogens! It’s the fourth in a series of restaurants focusing on the fantasy theme and it looks incredible. It may not be the classiest food spot around -- Cheshire Cat tail pizza on the menu doesn’t help that -- but it would surely make for a fun night-out.

Head past the break for a bunch of nice big photos -- we know how much you like those.

We have to say this one of the cooler restaurants we've seen lately and there's no doubt we would eat here.

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