Review: Game Of Thrones Episode 2 'The Kingsroad' Podcast

We're back for our second podcast review with our friends at!  This week, we take a look at "The Kingsroad" with a general consensus that the second episode of George R.R. Martin's masterpiece adaptation improved a bit over the first.  So once again, Westeros' Elio and Linda join MTV Geek's Tom and Daniel to break it down!

Click to listen: Game of Thrones 'The Kingsroad' Podcast

Podcast highlights:

"I love how they did [Bran's] awakening at the end, it's so eerie." - Elio

""The introduction to [Jon Snow's] circle of friends I'm looking forward to...and the officers of the Wall." - Daniel

"My favorite moment by far has to be Ned and Jon's farewell just because of the way they slip in the 'I promise' line and the echoes of that and Sean Bean is tearing up." - Linda.

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