The Five-Minute Recap: Justice League Generation Lost

Getting into a comic book mid-way through its run is hard! So we’ve made it easy for you: in just five short minutes (or less), we’ll get you caught up on a comic book you need to pick up tomorrow… Today! Oh, and in case it wasn’t clear: spoilers on.

Okay, so issue twenty-four – this week’s release – is the last issue of the bi-weekly series. But that doesn’t mean you can’t jump right in on writer Judd Winick’s reboot of the classic Justice League International. There will be resolution a-plenty in the issue, but there’ll also be action a-plenty. And if I eat my candy over the issue, there’ll be Good n’ Plenty in it, too. Just kidding. I prefer Mike & Ike’s.

Anyway, the story so far: there’s an evil mind-controlling guy named Maxwell Lord. He used to be a businessman in charge of the Justice League International, a team of also-ran, C-List heroes (and Batman) that was mostly played for laughs. Many years later, Lord turned evil, and shot all around nice-guy Ted Kord (then in the superhero guise of The Blue Beetle) in the head. He also made Superman fight Wonder Woman, and then had his !neck snapped by Wondie… To death!

And then he came back to life, but still had a major hard-on for Wonder Woman. And not the nice kind of hard-on. A vengeancey one. So Lord set up a complex series of events, starting with making the entire world forget his existence. There were a select few who did remember Max, and those were all superheroes (or their modern equivalents) from the Justice League International. They are:

Booster Gold: A hero from the future, Booster used to save people for fame and profit, but recently has been the protector of the time stream. He has a robot buddy named Skeets who is fussy.

Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes, a teenager from the Southwest, used an alien scarab to become the new Blue Beetle. He also looks up to Ted Kord, having found his journals after the former (non-powered) Blue Beetle was killed by Lord.

Fire: Beatriz da Costa has firey powers, and a firey personality, and other fire stuff. She’s started a romantic flirtation with…

Rocket Red: Basically Russian Iron Man, Rocket Red is a new guy wearing the armor, and a defector from the Russian Army. He has hilarious broken speech, like Yakov Smirnoff! What a country!

Ice: The most earnest member of the JLI, Ice has, er, ice powers. She’s in an on-again, off-again relationship with one of the Green Lanterns, Guy Gardner – who was in the JLI, but not in this series, so far.

Captain Atom: A pissed off, possibly immortal military lifer who has metal skin and the ability to channel and shoot off energy.

Once Max Lord made the world forget who he is, he set up scenarios which discredited the members of the JLI, or sent them on the run from the law – not least of which is killing anti-hero Magog, and blowing up a ton of people. His ultimate plan? To kill Wonder Woman. But also to kind of reunite the JLI, and make them look like heroes. Maybe.

One major complication with this plan is that Wonder Woman is in the midst of her own reboot, and the entire world has forgotten who sheis, including Max Lord. He manages to overcome this, though, as do the JLI members thanks to a guest starring Batman, and they bring the fight to Max.

Max has a few tricks up his sleeve, though, including a massive robot known as OMAC Prime, who can duplicate the powers of the JLI. Everybody is on the ground fighting OMAC Prime, while Booster Gold is confronting Max in his airship high above the fight. This is particularly loaded, as Ted Kord (the original Blue Beetle) and Booster Gold were best friends… And Booster has never been able to confront Max about this, because he was, you know. Dead.

With rumors swirling that a new Justice League International ongoing title will spin out of this series, and a good mix of action, intrigue, and old school fun, this week’s double-sized issue should be easy to jump right into… At least now that you’ve read this Five-Minute Recap!

Justice League: Generation Lost #24 is on shelves now!