A Message From Meatwad: The 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' Is No More!

After 11 years, 7 seasons, a feature film, and 100 episodes, Adult Swim stalwart Aqua Teen Hunger Force is no more.

Long live the Aqua Unit Patrol Force 1!

One of the longest running shows on the network, ATHF--now AUPF1--was initially announced way back in 2011 as a series about a trio of food items solving mysteries. However, the show quickly jumped that track, spiraling ever outward into stories of alien pests, tree law, Wongburgers, and the complete and utter humiliation of the hirsute Carl.

Now, it seems Meatwad, Frylock, and Master Shake are dissatisfied with the direction of the show post-pilot and want to get the series back to its roots for the upcoming 8th season 1st season on May 8th. The series will even be getting a new theme song courtesy of Queens of the Stone Ages' Alain Johannes.

You'll find Meatwad making the official announcement below:

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