Kotobukiya Marvel X Bishoujo Collection: Ms. Marvel

Over the past few years, Kotobukiya has worked their way through the ranks of collectibles manufacturers to become one of the premiere go-to companies for geek-related statues. One of their most popular lines is the female-centric Bishoujo line. The most prominent women of the Marvel and DC Comics universes have been represented with more on the way all the time! Today, we’re reviewing Kotobukiya’s latest Bishoujo statue-- Ms. Marvel.

This beautiful piece was based off a design by illustrator Shunya Yamashita, who has designed the other statues in the Bishoujo line, and really shows off the line’s overall quality.

Joining the rest of the amazing beauties of the Marvel Comics universe in the revolutionary Marvel X Bishoujo Collection is the knockout beauty and powerful superhero Ms. Marvel! With cosmic powers including invulnerability, flight, and energy blasts, there’s little Ms. Marvel can’t do! Add to that her amazing beauty and grace and you’ve got quite a package. The magnificent superhero displays that strength and power as she casually rises into the air, supported by just one shapely leg as she flies off from a rocky landscape. Her dynamic pose captures her with her arms outstretched and one leg bent at the knee, which combined with the other pointing straight down serves to highlight the incredible beauty of her physique. Ms. Marvel’s sexy costume is recreated with the glossy black and gold bodysuit with matching black boots and gloves, while her metallic red waist cloth whips in the air behind her with a great fabric texture. Carol’s slim black mask does little to hide her alluring Bishoujo-styled face with its soft eyes and dainty mouth, all of which is framed by her beautiful wavy golden-brown hair that’s captured in a special translucent material! Ms. Marvel stands slightly over 9 inches tall (in the new Marvel X Bishoujo 1/7th scale) atop her exclusive rocky display base. As a special bonus, she comes with energy burst effects that you can attach to her hands! This is truly a “Marvelous” statue!

The description above by Kotobukiya pretty much covers most of the selling points of this statue. Not only that, but they’re stated in such a way that we could never hope to so successfully skirt the line between superhero and pin-up girl quite as nicely. What we will say is that the sculpt truly captures the look of the artwork it is based upon. It is also sturdy and constructed from (what appears to be) high-quality PVC and other more flexible plastics for the hair and sash.

The paintwork on Ms. Marvel is fantastic! From the faded translucence of her hair to the glossy black of her suit with its hint of metallic flake, Kotobukiya has made sure this statue’s paint apps live up to the intricate sculpt they cover. There were no instances of overspray or paint slop anywhere on the entirety of this statue, and trust us because we looked over every inch of her carefully… and yes, we realize exactly how creepy that seems.

Ms. Marvel has two energy blast accessories that are packaged with the statue. They are made of a translucent plastic that has a very flexible quality to it. They are each sculpted to be split in half and simply “snap” together around her fists. While they don’t hold together too tightly, there isn’t any danger of them falling off the statue. Thanks to the stationary attributes of something like this over an action figure, the blasts don’t have to clip tightly to be effective. However, if you are rearranging shelf-space, you might wanna keep an eye out so you don’t lose one of the top halves.

With the new larger scale, these Marvel X Bishoujo Statues are really nice additions to a collection and we’d love to have this one sitting next to the upcoming Binary version we previewed a while back. For more info on all of Kotobukiya’s upcoming Bishoujo releases, be sure to visit www.kotous.com!

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