'Japan Needs Heroes' Goes Digital With ComoiXology!

Japan Needs Heroes is a comic book started by Red Giant Entertainment as a way to raise money for Japan. A plethora of industry legends, including Stan Lee, have signed to provide uplifting stories for the book and all profits will go to the Japan Society who has set up a disaster relief fund to help the many victims.

In a wonderful show of support ComiXology has agreed to provide digital distribution to those who buy the print version of the book and people who donate as much as $5 so we can read it on our Apple or Android device.

“It was always part of the plan to allow as many people as possible to have a digital version of the book,” said Benny R. Powell, CEO of RGE. “We quickly realized, however, that as this project began picking up steam, we weren't equipped to try to deal with delivering the electronic versions by ourselves. We needed help.”

"We're so glad Benny reached out to us to be the digital partner for Japan Needs Heroes," said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. "The support he has garnered for the relief effort is like a real-life superhero team up and we are honored to digitally distribute the graphic novel for such an important cause."

Stan Lee, Peter David, Ron Marz, Mike Deodato, Larry Hama, Jimmy Palmiotti, Elaine Lee, Amanda Conner, Howard Mackie and Brandon Peterson are just a few of the names that have signed on to provide content in hopes that it will make into the book. Even creators under contract with companies like DC and Marvel have been allowed to provide work for the upcoming compilation.

Japan Needs Heroes is gaining funding through Kickstarter.com. To date they have received more than $14,000 in pledges and they hope to receive much more. Donations can be made on their Kickstarter page or at JapanNeedsHeroes.com.

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