Review: Game Of Thrones Episode 1 'Winter Is Coming' Podcast

Welcome to our first podcast review of HBO's Game of Thrones done in partnership with!  Westeros' Elio and Linda join MTV Geek's Tom and Daniel to break down what they liked, loved, or hoped to see done better in the premier episode!

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Podcast highlights:

"We loved Harry Lloyd as Viserys.  We thought he did a wonderful to Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark, Harry Lloyd was the actor who most captured and was most translated one to one from the text." - Elio

"In the books they really go through great lengths to say nobody wears black except the Night's Watch because it's like the badge - you earn it and it marks you.  But in this [show] everyone is wearing black or dark, dark grey.  Whereas the book goes out of its way to say 'oh, they're tunic is this color or has this on the front.'" - Daniel

"I would have to say that other than seeing the wolves for the first time..which is an amazing moment, I really like the introductions of the Targaryens because Viserys has got that nervous, mad energy about him and I think that was really fitting...and he just stole that scene." - Linda

"I really like Ned, I like Cat...I felt like [Ned] was really well done and the changes, making him a little more genial, I think are absolutely necessary in order for him to carry a show for a whole season." - Tom

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