Stormtroopers And Superheroes: Gentle Giant's Latest Solicitations

The hits just keep on coming with Gentle Giant Ltd.’s Star Wars and Marvel merchandise. This month, we mean that literally thanks to the info on their upcoming (not so) mini-bust of the Incredible Hulk! These fine collectibles are available for order, through your favorite comic shop, this month but won’t find their way onto your shelves until the Fall. Still, that female Stormtrooper statue is worth the wait!

Also, this month sees the continuation of G.G.'s tribute to the classic Kenner Star Wars line with the release of the Death Squad Commander in full 12 inch size. We love these toys, especially so thanks to the sweet blister card they arrive on.

Here’s all the info straight from our friends at Gentle Giant:

Death Squad Commander Kenner 12" figure $75

Release Date: Fall 2011

Just like they were when you were a kid, only BIGGER! Gentle Giant continues on with their new line of vintage Star Wars action figure reproductions with the release of this classic Death Squad Commander!

Digitally scanned from mint 3 ¾” Kenner originals and reproduced to a substantial 12” tall. Nothing has been overlooked. Roto and injection molded and made of durable plastics, this jumbo figure is fully articulated and includes a faithfully reproduced black helmet and gray uniform, with blaster included, just like the original.

That’s not all, this classic Kenner creation comes packaged on a 1977, Star Wars inspired blister card, featuring original front and “12 back” artwork, in a re-sealable plastic outer clam shell to help protect and display!

Kit Fisto mini-bust $65

Release Date: Fall 2011

Maintaining peace throughout the galaxy! Kit Fisto, was a member of the Jedi council and one of the few survivors of the Battle of Geonosis.

This limited edition Kit Fisto mini-bust is made of a cold cast, high-quality poly stone and features an emerald green light saber.

Carefully hand painted, this limited edition comes numbered with matching certificate of authenticity.

Female Stormtrooper statue $225

Release Date: Fall 2011

Jes Gistang, the female Corellian who served as a Stormtrooper in the Imperial Galactic Army and was the heavy artillery expert in “Joker Squad.” She quickly found a home among the 407th, and was a talented and responsible soldier.

Standing at a bold 1/6th scale and roughly 12” tall, this rarely seen but often asked for character from the vast expanded Star Wars universe is one to watch.

Boasting form fitting, custom armor, helmet at her side and heavy DLT-19 Blaster rifle ready; Jes is looking for action.

A hand painted, hand numbered limited edition that will stand out in any collection.

Black Widow mini bust $ 70

Release Date: Fall 2011

One of the world's greatest spies and a master of disguise, she's the legendary scarlet-haired Natasha Romanova (AKA Natasha Romanoff), she’s the deadly BLACK WIDOW!

Measuring just over 7“to the top of her head and extending close to 9.5” to the end of her precision sniper rifle. This mini bust is one of the first in a long line of new Gentle Giant produced Marvel collectibles.

Cast in high quality poly-stone, then hand painted Black Cat is a numbered limited edition that comes packaged in a window box complete with certificate of authenticity.

The Hulk mini-bust at $ 80

Release Date: Fall 2011

Caught in the blast of gamma radiation, brilliant scientist Bruce Banner is cursed to transform in times of stress into the living engine of destruction known as THE INCREDIBLE HULK

At just over 7.5“ tall and close to 8” wide, there is nothing “mini” about this bust.

The Incredible Hulk is a corner stone in the Marvel Universe and a prominent character in the long line of Gentle Giant mini-busts yet to come.

A strictly limited edition collectible that is cast in high quality poly stone, then hand painted and hand numbered, with an accompanying certificate of authenticity.

Make mine Marvel!

Be sure to check out Gentle Giant Ltd.'s official website for more info on these fine pieces of geek-tastic merch!

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