Video Interview: Welcome to Tara McPherson's Cotton Candy Machine

New York-based artist Tara McPherson has brought her art to seemingly every conceivable medium at this point—her illustrations have been featured in publications as diverse as Elle and Metal Hammer, she worked on Futurama while in college, she’s conceived of two volumes showcasing her art through Dark Horse, and her work even popped up in one of the vignettes of the Fables anthology, 1001 Nights of Snowfall.

Now, McPherson is putting her work on display in a new venue, with the opening of her boutique, The Cotton Candy Shop in Williamsburg in New York, with the stated goal of being “an art boutique that focuses on affordable art for people.” The brick and mortar store also has an online shop for curious buyers, featuring a variety of prints, posters, pillows, books, and stationary adorned with the artist’s illustrations. There’s also a new t-shirt line sharing the shop’s name which likewise features McPherson’s distinctive work.

For McPherson, The Cotton Candy Shop is a way of reaching fans of her work who might not otherwise be able to access it given the high price of original art or the potential stuffiness of a gallery environment. It was also borne out of her passion for toys and sculptures which in turn has driven her to create her own to share with fans.

The actual opening was accompanied by what McPherson and her collaborators were calling “The Tiny Trifecta,” featuring 100 artists, producing $100 artworks on the 100th day of the year. The opening of the store and the “Tiny Trifecta” event was accompanied by the kinds of lines and overnight campouts usually associated with the kind of attention usually reserved for films and the latest Apple product launch. McPherson sees it as a sort of dedication on the part of fans of hers and the other gallery participants’ work.

In the coming months, The Cotton Candy Machine will continue to serve double duty as both a retail space and mini gallery with an upcoming 5-person rock poster show in June and a solo exhibition for artist Daniel Danger in July.

You can find out more about The Cotton Candy Machine on its site. The retail location can be found at:

235 South 1st Street (between Roebling and Havemeyer)

Brooklyn, NYC 11211



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