Valve's Online Store Is Full Of 'Portal 2' Gear!

“We’re going to have fun, with science.” I’m sure you’ve seen the Portal 2 TV spot by now and the much anticipated follow-up to Valve’s original has already hit shelves, which means fans across the country are already solving puzzles with their favorite robot-duo.

However, if playing the game and doing your best to figure out where that next portal should go isn’t enough to satiate your Portal obsession, why not check out some of the awesome threads available at Valve’s online store? They’ve got everything from Aperture baby-doll tees to track-jackets. Hell, there’s even an Aperture pint glass if you feel so inclined -- I know I do...

Most of the t-shirts will set you back about $20 and there are a slew of choices. However, I did see that some were on sale for as little as $13, which isn’t bad at all for official gear. The Portal 2 Test Chamber hoodie you see at the top of this page is a little more expensive coming in at $45, while the track jacket we mentioned costs a cool $50. There’s tons of stuff in the store other than clothes so make sure you check it out if you’re looking to score some Portal 2 gear.

Valve’s online store isn’t the only place to pick up sweet Portal gear. Those crazy folks over at ThinkGeek are in on the Portal action too and I’ll be honest, I think I like their offering more than Valve’s -- if that’s allowed… It may not be Portal 2 specific but the light-grey hoodie they have with the blue guy stepping out of the zipper is pretty damn cool and it says “Test Candidate” on the back -- making us want it even more.

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