Marvel Universe To Invade Disney Theme Parks!

Disneyland (or one of the other Disney theme parks) is the place to be if you’re a youngster, but when I was just a little guy the man in the Goofy suit always scared the crap out of me. Thankfully, the next time we head to a Disney theme park we can just ask Hulk to smash his face in!

Apparently IGN got a peek at an interview with Marvel boss Kevin Feige that will run in the upcoming Disney twenty-three magazine. Disney twenty-three is the Disney Fan Club’s official, quarterly publication and Feige talks about how exciting it would be to have the Marvel Universe come to life in theme parks around the world -- and we feel the same way.

From IGN:

"It's the biggest dream of all. We get to tap into this spectacular team that is better than anyone else on the planet at bringing fantasy to life, not only on the big screen but in the real world," said Feige.

He continued, "The notion of walking into a theme park and going into Asgard or the X-Mansion—Disney does this better than anyone. That is why I've gone to Disney parks multiple times every year for my whole life. It's that next step in fully immersive storytelling, whether it's a dark ride, a stunt show, or a thrill ride. The options are endless when it comes to how Imagineers can turn our characters, our adventures, and our films into amazing experiences."

Imagine, rather than traveling through the Haunted Mansion, we take a ride through Asgard or a tour of Stark Industries! After that, we could literally watch the Avengers assemble right in front of our eyes. The sheer amount of characters and locales the Marvel Universe could bring to the theme park atmosphere is absolutely mind-boggling. The images you see here are actual concept art for a Marvel Theme Park in Dubai, and we can’t wait to see where this goes here in the States.

The new issue of Disney twenty-three will be available on May 3rd and we suggest any Marvel fan takes a look as soon as they can. There’s bound to be some great insight as to how all the Marvel characters could impact Disney theme parks for years to come.

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