'Going Cardboard' Board Game Documentary Nears Fundraising Finish Line

Several weeks into a cycle of Kickstarter.com fundraising, and with nearly three times its original goal raised, the Going Cardboard project is nearing completion. For those unfamiliar, Going Cardboard is a board game documentary that seeks to cover all aspects of the hobby, and is surprisingly the first film of its type to set out with this goal. The history, the designers, the community, the collectors, and more are all there, but potential backers only have until 9 AM on Sunday, April 24th to contribute to the project and receive a copy of the film.

There's more than just a documentary in store for backers, though. Prolific game designer Reiner Knizia has designed a brand new two-player board game to include as part of the DVD's packaging. In her latest project status update, film maker Lorien Green posted a concept sketch for this western-themed game, titled Shoot Out.

Anyone funding at the $30 level gets a thank you in the credits, a copy of Going Cardboard on DVD, and a copy of Shoot Out. But there are greater rewards to be had. At the $120, Green promises to send along an autographed game from one of the designers she interviewed for the film. While you cannot be certain which game you will get from which designer, the list of people involved with this film reads like a veritable board game hall of fame. Klaus Teuber, Alan R. Moon, Friedemen Friese, Donald X. Vaccarino, Matt Leacock, and Corey Konieczka are just a start.

The movie is currently in the final stages of editing, but you can take a peek at some clips as well as learn the history behind the film by viewing this interactive trailer.