Forget The League, There's A Box of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

Forget the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; Archie McPhee has a whole Box of Extraordinary Gentlemen -- and Ladies! Inside you’ll find historical action figures like Moses (with his 10 commandments!) and Alexander the Great along with Oscar Wilde and Anne Bonny! Imagine the adventures these people could have -- I wonder who among them would get in the most trouble together!

Unfortunately, all the figures just come thrown in a box and are not individually packaged. However the price makes up for it a little bit. Archie McPhee says there are over $90 worth of action figures included in the box and the asking price is under $30. Not a bad deal really -- if you feel like pretending Beethoven and Blackbeard are hanging out together.

In my opinion there should definitely be some roster additions to this line up. First of all if we’re going to get religious with this set and throw Moses in there why not show some love for Jesus? And why stop there? Archie McPhee has a Benjamin Franklin figure, complete with kite, I feel would fit nicely as well.

Anyway, here's a full list of the characters included in this slapped together, spare parts collection.

-Ludwig van Beethoven

-Alexander the Great

-Charles Dickens


-Anne Bonny

-Annie Oakley

-Oscar Wilde

-Wilhelm Richard Wagner


-A man wearing blue, with a mask in his hand...

Which historical figure(s) would you add to this ragtag bunch? Would Alan Moore approve? Would he even care? Hit the comments section and share your thoughts!

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