Bruce Timm: Batman Year One Animated Movie Faithful To The Original

Often with animated (or non-animated) adaptations of classic comic book stories, there is a fear that what made the tale so great the first time will get mangled and distorted in the adaptation process. Not so for the upcoming DC animated movie Batman: Year One, Producer Bruce Timm recently told MTV Geek:

"It is the comic -- literally 95% of the dialogue is pulled straight out of the comic. The visual style is definitely based on the David Mazzucchelli style as close as we can make it. We didn't add any extra scenes to it that weren't in the is a straight-up adaptation of the comic."

He also promised that it would be "unlike any other Batman movie we've made before."

Watch Bruce Timm discuss Batman: Year One -- slated for a late Summer/early Fall 2011 release -- here:

                                   WonderCon 2011: Bruce Timm Teases Batman: Year One

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