'Metal Gear Solid' Clothing Line Inspired by In-Game Apparel!

Konami and Musterbrand, LLC have teamed up to give Metal Gear Solid fans a great way to share their passion for the popular franchise in the form of a new clothing line! Now, many of you may be thinking “Metal Gear clothes? How is that news?” Well, I will tell you.

These aren’t just t-shirts and hoodies with Snake and the gang printed on the front. No, the new line is actually inspired by apparel we see characters from Peace Walker wearing in-game! There are coats, shirts, pants and hats available right now at MetalGearSolid-Store.com.

Musterbrand pride themselves on taking the things we see in the digital world and bringing them to the real world -- and that’s just what they’ve done here.

First up is my personal favorite, Miller’s Field Jacket. It’s available in two colors - Navy Blue or Military Olive - and looks just like the jacket he wears in the game. The only real difference is the tags, obviously, and on the right sleeve you’ll find a large, removable MGS badge. Other than that it features the same slanted breast pockets and the sleeves can be rolled up and secured in place with buttons.

To match the jacket, Konami and Musterbrand have created a pair of Field Pants that are also available in both the Navy and Olive colors. If you’re looking for something a little more heavy-duty/weather resistant than the jacket, they’ve got a knee-length Field Coat with a “notebook pocket” for holding your mobile electronics. (Yes, your iPad will probably fit) It’s a little more expensive, but there’s no doubt it will last. Just like the Field Jacket, it too features the awesome removable badge on the right sleeve.

Two standard t-shirts have also been released. Both are pretty basic as far a design goes with one featuring the classic airplane Peace Walker logo and the other sporting a large fox logo - the one associated with Kojima Productions, the team behind Metal Gear Solid. The Peace Walker shirt is a light blue and the Kojima Fox shirt is grey. What’s great about them is that the logos aren’t overpowering, using subtle color differences between the actual logo and the shirt, to provide a more stylish look. Lastly there’s the Field Cap, coming in the same Olive and Navy colors with the addition of Griffin Grey to match the Kojima Fox t-shirt.

This is just the beginning -- Konami plans to roll out further items quarterly and during special events. So, if you’re looking for some new digs and don’t want the same old thing, make sure you check out the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker collection.

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