Robot Named FRIDA Wants A Factory Job

This little humanoid 'bot looks like it’s about to replace the few remaining humans on the assembly line. Thankfully, its creators say it would be much better suited working along side a fleshy counterpart, rather than forcing them on unemployment.

FRIDA is her name and the range of motion and control over its multi-jointed arms is extremely impressive. It's just a working idea at this point but could one day see wide deployment in tons of factories. These may even be the hands putting your next smartphone together.

As I’m sure you can see, FRIDA has no head. Instead there’s a handle there so factory workers can easily move it to another area of the shop and set it up for different tasks. The wide range of motion makes it suitable for any job a human can do and though it may lack the noggin we‘re used to seeing, FRIDA has cameras acting as eyes to help it identify and assemble small parts. Handling those little pieces will be FRIDA’s flexible grippers that can move just as delicately as our fingers -- without the shakes.

Factory jobs may be safe for now but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this robot replacing a few folks down the road. It’s only a concept but, that hasn’t stopped ABB from initiating pilot programs in running factories. Let's just hope it doesn't start snaking parts from the line to build legs a start a march toward the capital.

If you want to see FRIDA bust a move, head to and watch the video at the bottom of the page -- I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by how well it performed.

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