Masters of the Universe Classics Sy-Klone Review

Welcome back to another review from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line of action figures! Today we’re looking at the latest offering to hit the Matty Collector website in the form of the brightly-hued Sy-Klone! The “Heroic Fist-Flinging Tornado” was one of those vintage Masters figures that, while not necessarily our most beloved character, was always a part of our epic battles that took place in the bloody battlegrounds that our imaginations turned out backyards into. Does the Classics version of Sy-Klone hold up to our rose-colored memories? Let’s take a look, starting with his bio:

Protector of the Legacy Stones and the Last Defender of Anwat Gar, Sy-Klone joined the Masters of the Universe after the Stones were destroyed and his mission completed. He wears the last remaining TECH vest armor created by his Gar ancestors to terrorize Eternia after the Great Wars. Its built-in wind rockets allow the user to create powerful vortexes of spinning energy as a defensive weapon or to fly through the air. Sy-Klone has upgraded his armor to also include cosmic radar which lets him sense the physical presence of evil long before others. Sy-Klone’s wind powers and radar chest make him combat ready.

Sy-Klone’s sculpt has a surprisingly large amount of new tooling. Upon seeing the figure in person at this year’s Toy Fair, we noticed his upper torso was newly sculpted body pieces instead of the “armor” we had assumed it would be when the figure was first announced. The front of the chest is made to accommodate the lenticular radar sticker, while the back protrudes in a cube with a crevice at the bottom to hook his red ring into – making Sy-Klone reminiscent of the 200x figure. He also has fins running from his shoulders to his forearms, and unlike the rubber pieces on the vintage figure, the Classics update has permanently sculpted rings running around his forearms and boot tops. Sy-Klone also has a new crotch cover, much like Optikk’s, that has the belt sculpted on along with a dial on the back-left side. This is in reference to the original toy, but without the feature we don’t really see the appeal in breaking up the sculpt. Luckily, it’s small and not nearly as the one on the upcoming Hurricane Hordak.

The paint on Sy-Klone is simple, but effective. Most of the figure has been molded in his appropriate retina-burning brightness, so the paint is sparse. His face matches the same hue as the previously released Keldor figure, which makes sense since they are both of the Gar race. Sy-Klone has cleanly applied eyes on the figure we received, and the red paint used on his helmet is applied well, with only a minimum of bleed onto the bright yellow helmet. In fact, the only paint slop at all is found in various spots where the coloring on the red rings diverges onto the yellow plastic of Sy-Klone’s arms and legs.

Sy-Klone features the usual articulation model that fans of MOTUC are well aware of. This includes a ball-joint neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged torso, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, and dual-hinged “rocker” ankles. All of Sy-Klone’s joints move smoothly, and with his arm fins being attached only at the bicep, he retains full range of motion in his arms as well.

This whirling dervish of justice comes packaged with two accessories -- his trademark shield and the 200X-inspired red ring/bladed weapon/hula-hoop. The shield attaches to the wrist like other pieces in the MOTUC line. It has been painted in a gold color with a slight metallic flake -- nothing too intricate, just a nice accessory. The large red ring is molded in the correct color and is one solid piece. It has a handle in the middle that fits tightly (very, very tightly) into Sy-Klone’s grasp. It can also be clipped to Sy-Klone’s back and can tilt slightly over his shoulders. However, if you pull the ring up beneath his legs and then clip it to his back, it will wrap his body horizontally like we demonstrated in the photo.

Sy-Klone is definitely a stand out piece on our MOTUC shelves thanks to his vivid color scheme and the addition of the huge ring on his back. He does manage to bring back that same vibe the original vintage figure gave us as a child, and he’ll end up on the wring end of Skeletor’s Havok Staff just like the old days. Eat dirt Sy-Klone! Sy-Klone goes on sale April 15th only on, so now’s your chance to snag the whirlwind while you can!

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