ThunderCats Producer Michael Jelenic On Living Up To The Legacy Of The Original Series

We recently caught up with Michael Jelenic, the producer of the upcoming ThunderCats cartoon from Cartoon Network, and chatted with him about the highly-anticipated animated series. While it's definitely a new era for the ThunderCats, Jelenic assured us that at the heart of the production will be those elements that made the 80s version such a beloved cult hit:

"This series is a little but different from the original ThunderCats -- it's a reimagining. It's not necessarily a prequel, it doesn't take place after the original series. It's taking the core ideas, the iconic themes and putting a modern spin on it."

What's going to be different for the ThunderCats this time around? Well, for starters, all the different planets/worlds from the original series are going to be combined into one planet. There will be new versions of Thundera and Third Earth; Jelenic told us that the first two episodes of the new show will help explain and go into more detail about this.

As for trying to live up to the immense following and fan-love for the original 1980s ThunderCats, Jelenic admits it is a challenge, but one he and the rest of the crew of the new series are happy to take on:

"There are so many challenges living up to that particular legacy...are we going to make a show that the fans of the original will be proud of, one they can watch with their kids?...We've done our best to come up with something that was respectful but at the same time works for today's audience."

You can see the entire interview with Jelenic below:

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