Next Movie: Peter Jackson Vlogs 'The Hobbit'

By Max Evry

Only Peter Jackson could get 8000 likes and more than 1500 comments in eight hours for a Facebook posting. What did he post?

"Oh man, 'Survivor: Redemption Island' wuz aw-sum 2-nite!"

No, in fact it was a little 10-minute video blog about some new movie he's making in New Zealand… called "The Hobbit!"

That's right, Tolkien fans, the movie is really happening, and now we have the footage to prove it. If you remember more than half-a-decade back, Jackson kept the world wide web (of nerds) tuned in to the goings-on during production of "King Kong" via a series of fun/revealing behind-the-scenes webisodes, and it looks like he's doing the same for all-things "Hobbit."

So what do we get this first time around the blog? Well, you will…

SEE! Bag End reconstructed back to its former glory!

HEAR! Ian McKellen being mildly grumpy!

SMELL! Hobbit feet getting spray-painted!

Well, maybe not the smell thing, but it really takes you there, honest. You'll also witness Elrond's chambers rebuilt precisely as you remember from "The Fellowship of the Ring," as well as the Stone Street Studios soundstage where day one of shooting takes place. They're just filming a small scene in the goblin caves below the Misty Mountains where Bilbo finds the ONE RING. No biggie.

Andy Serkis (a.k.a. Gollum) as well as leading man Martin Freeman (a.k.a. Bilbo, a.k.a. The Hobbit, a.k.a. you should know that) both address the crew after a traditional M?ori blessing, and we even get Mr. Jackson himself giving a heartfelt speech where he addresses his initial reticence to get back in pilot's seat for this journey. It's an acknowledgement of the long, hard road it's been to get to this point, but the movie is happening and Jackson is a survivor.

Does that make New Zealand Redemption Island?

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