The Daily Geek: Christina Hendricks In Firefly, My Little Cthulhu, and More!

This cool cover for Power Girl #26, coming out in July, is by Sami Basri:

My Little Cthulhu from Dreamland Toyworks is a vinyl toy series with several adorable styles to choose from, including a DIY one you can customize yourself:

Don't forget to buy a set of Little Victims:

The latest item that has recently kept Firefly in the mainstream news concerns some Christina Hendricks scenes from the 2002 show in which, as the assassin Saffron, she appears nearly (key word: nearly) nude:

 One would think that it is not the Firefly fans flocking to YouTube to view the following clip as devotees of the show Mad Men, in which Hendricks plays sexy Joan Holloway. At any rate, if you clicked...shame on you!

Did you know that we could be living in a black hole right now -- AND NOT EVEN KNOW IT? Here's the science!

And our video of the day (I'll bet you thought it was that Christina Hendricks video, didn't you?) is a Bluegrass rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme song:


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