Arthur Darvill On Why Rory Is The 'Dark Horse' Of Doctor Who

Rounding out our week of Doctor Who interviews here at MTV Geek is Arthur Darvill, who plays Amy's husband Rory on the show. Darvill admitted that Rory is, in one sense, somewhat of a "regular guy" --

"...I think he would react the way most people would react in those situations...these are pretty extreme situations to be in. Of course you're going to panic...I mean, the Doctor has been doing this for 900 years. Rory's your regular guy."

However, the actor also promised that there's more than meets the eye with the character, especially in this new season. "I think Rory is a dark horse, I think he's got a lot to give."

The TARDIS certainly must be crowded this season, with the Doctor, Amy and Rory all travelling within it. Darvill commented on the unique relationships the three share:

On Rory and Amy:

"It's a funny relationship, but it's a good relationship. They've known each other for so long, and have been through so much with each other. And it's a different relationship than Amy has with the Doctor...and Rory knows he can never be that to her. But he can be her husband."

On Rory and the Doctor:

"Rory's relationship with the Doctor is very interesting. If Amy wasn't there, I think they'd really be good friends...and I think they are very good friends. But as long as the Doctor keeps putting her in danger, Rory's going to get more and more angry about it."

Finally, Darvill gave a shout-out to all the Rory fans out there: "You've definitely made the right choice...well done."

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                                         Arthur Darvill on Rory and Amy's Relationship

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